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“The project mediates the contextual conditions of the street through form, height, and materiality of the volumes, and then more significantly through the delicate articulation of the brick veil.”
-AIA PA Award Jury

“The detail and layering of the brick façade adds a much stronger and unique presence to this row house than other examples in the same typology. That this was originally a ‘spec house’ makes the result that much more inspiring.”

– Residential Architect Design Awards Jury

As a developer-driven spec house, it was crucial to balance the ambitions of design excellence with the constraints of a realistic budget. The unique nature of the property inspired the developer to become more involved in the design and decide to make this his family’s home.

The interior of the home is anchored by a large metal curved stair from the first floor to the second, and is visible through the framed views of the screen, while allowing views into and through the first floor.

We are honored to be selected by Architect Magazine as one of the 2022 Residential Design Award winners.

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